Spain is a beautiful country, and any traveler will have a wonderful time exploring its many big cities. This article will provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip! 

In this blog post, we’ll explore Spain’s biggest travel destinations from Barcelona to Madrid. We cover everything from what these cities are like, how much it costs to get there and where to stay when you arrive. Travelers of every budget can find something for them in these Spanish metropolises!

Valencia – Valencia is a wonderful city to visit with lots of great things to do. Travelers will find beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine and exciting nightlife in this Spanish destination. The cost of getting here from the UK is also relatively cheap at around £50 for one person. We recommend staying near Plaza del Ayuntamiento as it’s central but quiet enough that you’ll get a good rest each night after wandering through the narrow streets full of tapas bars and restaurants.  Travelers should also check out the Cathedral of Valencia or head to one of the many museums.

Madrid – Madrid, Spain’s capital city, has lots to offer travelers who are interested in history, art and architecture. There are several excellent museums around the city that take up much of your time if you decide to see them all! Travelers will find some great affordable accommodation here as well which makes it an appealing destination for those on any budget. Travel Tip: The city itself isn’t very large so walking anywhere within 20 minutes is possible even if you’re staying about 30 miles outside downtown.

Barcelona – Traveling to Barcelona can be a little bit more expensive than other cities in Spain but it’s still not too bad. Travelers will find lots of great food and nightlife here for a reasonable price along with all the popular tourist attractions that they’d expect to see when visiting Barcelona. Travel Tip: Head up Montjuic hill at sunset if you can as there are stunning views from the top!

Granada – Travelers who make it to Granada will find a beautiful city full of culture and history. Travel Tip: The Alhambra Palace is an absolute must-visit while you’re in the area!

Mallorca – Travelers can find lots to do in Mallorca including nice beaches and exciting nightlife. Travel Tip: Traveling by ferry is the most cost effective way of getting here from Spain, but you’ll need to book everything at least a couple weeks in advance.

Cordoba – Cordoba has some wonderful architecture that makes it an interesting place for travelers to visit when they’re in Spain. Travel Tip: The Mezquita de Córdoba is well worth your time if you plan on visiting this city!

Seville – Travelers will love Seville because it’s full of beautiful buildings like the Cathedral de Sevilla along with delicious food and great night life too! Travel Tip: Make sure not to miss out on the sherry too!

Toledo – Travelers will find Toledo to be an incredibly beautiful city that has a lot of history and culture for them to explore here. Travel Tip: The Alcazar de Toledo is definitely worth your time if you plan on visiting this wonderful place in Spain!